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Fox Steam Jet Ejectors and Vacuum Systems

Fox supplies a complete range of steam ejectors and steam jet vacuum systems required by industry. Fox has forty years of experience designing and building venturi products for demanding applications. Process applications that require ejectors manufactured in stainless, PVDF, TFE, titanium, or other exotic materials are standards for us. Hydrotests and detailed visual inspection are part of our normal testing procedures; dye pen, radiographic, PMI, and other inspection procedures are regularly performed when required.

Fox ejectors are in use in chemical plants, food processing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, and dozens of other industries. Complete skid-mounted, turnkey packages, including instrumentation, can be supplied to suit your requirements. Systems are engineered to interface with our customer's design and control schemes.
If your project requires any of the following, we can provide outstanding engineering support:

If you wish to use tiny ejectors in a 1/4" line size, click here: mini-eductors.