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Turbine Condenser Air Removal Systems for Power and
Utility Applications

Twin Element System

Fox Valve recently provide a replacement Twin Element Vacuum System that paid for itself with in 3 months.

Since the early 1980's, Fox has been supplying skid-mounted, twin-element turbine condenser steam ejector systems for use in large-scale, utility power-generation facilities. These packages typically include a pair (or twin) two-stage ejectors, with inter-and after -condensers, as well as steam piping, valves, strainers, separators, and instrumentation as per customer requirements - all mounted on one skid.

Troubleshooting, Diagnosis, and Consulting of Existing Systems

Turbine efficiency and power generation capacity can be significantly reduced by declining performance of existing air-removal steam ejector vacuum systems. Old, leaking, worn, and poorly-maintained systems can have an enormous effect on reducing turbine efficiency - and therefore the profitability of a major utility investment. Fox has provided consulting services, including on-site visits, to troubleshoot and diagnose these problems - which may be caused by other factors (steam pressure and quality, water temp, etc.).

In a typical and recent visit to a utility, Fox consulted, on site, to address problems with an under-performing, very old air removal system. The utility had been constantly increasing supply steam pressure in an attempt to keep the ejectors working, supplying steam pressures much higher than 400 psig design condition - which is both : a) a safety concern, and b) a very, very costly waste of valuable steam.

Fox offered a replacement system, which typically cost $55,000 - $60,000 which was shipped in about 8 weeks. Fox designs are per HEI and TEMA. After start-up ( where Fox provided start-up services) Fox was advised by a happy customer that
this installation + consulting effort paid for itself within 3 months
. This customer is available as a referral to qualified inquirers.

Fox is available to assist you with your air-removal system, and can provide referrals to our other utility customers upon request!