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Single Stage Ejectors

Fox single stage Fox ejectors can pull down to vacuum levels of approximately 1 psia.

Fox ejectors range in size from 1/2" ejectors built for fuel cell research, to 72" line size. Above is a 42" ejector used to create a vacuum in a high altitude test chamber. Fox ejectors can be custom-modified to provide whatever special features are required for your application. In the ejector at right, heat tracing and an insulation blanket is provided to prevent icing. Jacketed ejectors are commonly used in sulfur pit venting. Fox is the leading global supplier of titanium steam ejectors, commonly used in the paper industry to handle chlorine vapors but also used in chemical plants for highly corrosive gasses. Delivery of titanium ejectors is usually about 6 - 8 weeks. For extremely corrosive applications, fragile graphite, carbon, or glass ejectors are often in use. Fox PLP Ejectors and Eductors - originally designed for use only Plastic Lined Piping systems, with all TFE or PVDF wetted parts, offer a more rugged, durable, and reliable option.