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Conveying Food Products

with No Maintenance, No Dust, No Moving Parts... since 1961

Fox Venturi Eductors are in use at hundreds of food and pet food plants.

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The Fox Venturi Eductor, right, eliminates the need for rotary airlocks on food plant pneumatic conveying systems

What food products have been conveyed with Fox Eductors?

Apple Bits


Bread Crumbs

Cake Mix


Cocoa Powder

Corn Snacks



IQF Vegetables



Milk Powders

Oat Fibers


Pet Food


Sugar, Salt, & Spices

Tea Powder


Walnut Shells

Wheat Germ


  • Materials of Construction:
    • Food Grade CIP 316SS
    • Ceramic-Lined
    • PTFE and other non-stick coatings
  • Line Sizes: 1" to 16" convey lines
  • Distances: Up to 300 ft.
  • Rates: 1 lb/min to 30,000 lb/hr

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Standard, off-the-shelf Sanitary Eductors (1" through 4" line sizes) have tri-clamp ends, however any end connections can be specified

Applications of Fox Venturi Eductors in Food Plants:

Conveying from Screw Feeders

Fox Eductors are installed under hundreds of screw feeders, delivering precisely dosed rates of additives, spices, vitamins, etc. to mixers and other processes. Unlike rotary valves, there is no blowback up into the feeder.

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Injecting SiO2, Spices, Vitamins, Minor Ingredients, and other additives directly into existing pneumatic convey lines

Fox Eductors provide the simplest, no dust, no maintenance way to inject SiO2 and other additives directly into larger pneumatic conveying lines at pressures up to 8 psig.

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Conveying from Bulk Bags

Fox Eductors are installed directly under bulk bags. Unlike rotary airlocks, they create a vacuum and convey product with no blowback or fugitive dust.

Conveying Milk Powders, Coffee Powders, etc. from Spray Dryers

Fox Sanitary Eductors are installed under hundreds of spray dryers conveying milk powders, whey, casein, coffee powder, dried blood, etc.

Conveying Sticky Products

Fox Eductors can be internally coated with TFE and a wide variety of other high-release coatings for handling somewhat sticky materials.

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Conveying Fragile Products

Fox Eductors are very often installed instead of rotary airlocks when product damage must be minimized or eliminated during conveying. They are commonly used with pet foods, breakfast cereals, extruded snack foods, coffee beans, etc. Convey velocity can be carefully controlled with an optional bleed valve kit or a blower VFD. Degradation trials are available at Fox Valve's test lab in NJ.

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Convey from Silos

Fox eductors do not need metered feed. Open a slide gate valve and they can convey any free flowing particulate - with no dust, no blowback, and no maintenance.

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Convey IQF Frozen Fruits

Fox eductors are used to convey frozen berries, apple bits, chopped celery and carrots, etc. With no moving parts, cold temperatures have no effect.

Convey from Cyclones and Dust Collectors

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A Fox Eductor, driven by a small blower running at 2-3 psig, conveys dust from a large dust collector.

Convey from Bag Dump Hoppers, Packing Room Reclaim

Fox eductors are installed under hoppers for dust-free, maintenance-free conveying from bag dump stations. Fox eductors are often located directly in the packing area, where product from damaged bags can be dumped into a hopper and conveyed back to the packaging line with no degradation of final products.

Fox can supply the complete bag dump hopper assembly, with features such as slide gate valves, lids, grates, and blower controls.

Convey from Grinders, Screeners, Sifters, and Sieves

Fox eductors are installed under hundreds of grinders, screeners, and sifters. Unlike rotary airlocks, eductors do not create blowback that pulses up into the screen, severely interfering with screening efficiency. Moreover, low profile Fox Eductors can slip under very low outlets.

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Convey from Multiple Feeders for Batch Manufacturing

Multiple Fox Eductors can be driven with one blower to handle multiple ingredients, delivered to one mixer in a batch process.

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Convey Powders with Water - Slurry Eductors

Please visit our Slurry Eductor page for more information about Fox Liquid Slurry Eductors.

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How do you clean a food-grade Fox Eductor?

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Fox Sanitary Eductors can be easily disassembled in seconds with no tools required; simply undo one clamp, remove the nozzle, and flush/clean highly polished internals