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Fox Venturi Eductors at Breweries & Distilleries

No More Climbing Up Wet Ladders with a 50 lb Bag!

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Fox Venturi Eductors have been installed at brewers large and small for over 20 years - they have been widely used by the broader food and beverage industry for 45 years.

Convey Hop Pellets with Air or CO2 - One of the most common applications is eliminating the climb up wet ladders to dump into kettles. Usng a small blower running at 2-3 psig, or inert CO2, the Fox eductor can easily convey pellets or powder up 60 ft or higher - with no moving parts, no dust, and no maintenance.

Example content image Convey Spices or Additives - Just as with hop pellets, spice powders like orange peel or coriander powders can be dumped in a hopper and conveyed with low pressure air. These powders can be dosed by a screw feeder or pre-weighed into a batch above the eductor - and then a slide gate is opened to convey.

For more information, please download the following case studies: