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Fox Liquid Eductors for Pumping, Mixing and Blending

Fox liquid-driven eductors use motive liquid to entrain, mix and pump liquids, slurries, or gases using no moving parts. Unlike pumps, they have no seals, packing, or bearings and are ideal for pumping corrosive, explosive, hazardous, or toxic fluids, and can replace pumps when explosion-proof motors would be required.

In addition to supplying standard liquid eductors from our large inventory in NJ, USA - Fox Valve can design and manufacture highly engineered liquid eductors in our NJ factory. Since many of our machined-from-bar eductors are stocked as unassembled components, we can quickly modify internal geometry and assemble final design units or prototypes in less than a week. PTFE-lined and PVDF-lined eductors are rugged, flanged assemblies - available in 2" to 4" line sizes.

Typical motive liquid pressures are 20 - 120 psig (1.4 to 8 barg) but higher or lower pressures can be accommodated for unusual applications. Discharge pressure, as a general rule, must be less than about half of supply pressure.

Available Configurations

Liquid-driven eductors can be found in almost every industry where eliminating maintenance and leaks is important. Typical applications include:

Fox Liquid Eductors are made in the USA

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Typical Applications:

Sump Eductor

Many eductors are in use as primary or back-up transfer pumps on "catch-all" sumps or receivers where the fluid pumped can vary from day to day. They are also valuable in emergency spill cleanup, as they can be operated in any position and are self-priming.

Acid or Caustic Dilution

Fox Eductors are often used to blend batches of caustic or acid solutions. This image shows an eductor filling a batch tank. Motive water is used to entrain the concentrated fluid under vacuum. The concentrate is then mixed with the water to form the desired solution concentration. Secondary mixing of the new solution and the existing liquid can be obtained with the Fox Tank Mixing Eductors. The eductor eliminates costly and troublesome corrosion resistant chemical feed pumps.

Pump Priming Eductor

Fox eductors are ideal for priming pumps. The eductor suction port is piped to the highest point of the pump casing. The motive water is used to evacuate the pump case and suction line. When the exhauster discharge flow is free of air bubbles, the pump is primed.