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Measuring Flow Rates with Fox ΔP Venturi Flowmeters

Fox ΔP Venturi Flowmeters are the simplest and most reliable means of measuring flow rates. In an instrumentation market filled with vastly more complex options, venturi flowmeters-an 18th Century solution - are still being selected for measuring flows in 21st Century process systems.

Venturis use the basic Bernouilli equation which relates fluid velocity to pressure. Increase fluid velocity and the pressure decreases. By increasing the velocity by forcing the fluid through a throat of known diameter, and by measuring the resultant ΔP, we can calculate flow rate quite accurately.

Fox Venturi Flowmeters are not made from castings. All our Venturis are machined from bar. This means that you can specify any throat diameter or flow-vs.-ΔP design point and receive a precision machined venturi with a very reasonable delivery. You can specify any end connection, material, or special features required.

Why use Fox ΔP Venturi Flowmeters?

Venturi flowmeters have a number of key features which make them attractive for designing into a system: These features make them ideal for a variety of applications.