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Fox Valve manufactures venturi eductors, ejectors, and venturi flow controls for industry, including solids-conveying eductors, air ejectors, steam ejectors, liquid eductors, and multi-stage vacuum systems. Fox has supplied these products to industry, aerospace, and research since 1961. This Web site contains extensive, detailed product information that can be read online or downloaded.

Please use the links below to learn more about our wide range of engineered venturi products:

Solids Conveying Eductors

Venturi eductors for use in transporting powders, pellets, and bulk solids, typically using motive pressures under 14 psig. Fox provides complete venturi transport systems, including blowers, valves, receivers, etc.
Solids Conveying Eductors

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Air Ejectors, N2 Ejectors, Natural Gas Ejectors, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Ejectors

Air ejectors use compressed air or other gasses to create vacuum that can exhaust, vent, or evacuate.
Air Ejectors

Liquid Eductors

Liquid eductors, or jet pumps, use water or other liquids to create vacuum that can be used to suck in other liquids for mixing, diluting or creating solutions: to exhaust gasses.
Liquid Eductors

Slurry Eductors

Slurry Eductors are used to introduce solids into liquids with no moving parts. They are an ideal way to continuously produce solutions or well blended slurries and are commonly used in chemical, food, power, pharmaceutical, and waste water applications..
Slurry Eductors


Mini-eductors are 1/4" eductors used for small sampling, vacuum-generation, evacuating, and mixing applications. They can use very low flow rates of compressed air or water to create significant vacuum.

Steam Ejectors & Thermocompressors

Single and Multi-stage steam ejectors and vacuum systems, including skid-mounted packages.
Steam Ejectors

ΔP Venturis/ Flow Meters, Sonic Chokes, Cavitating Venturis

Includes all venturi products used to measure or regulate flow rates, including:

  • ΔP Venturi Flowmeters
  • Cavitating Venturis
  • Sonic Chokes/Critical Flow Venturis
  • Adjustable Area Venturi Valves
Venturi Flow Controls